Take your kids to work day – Circa 1977

Growing up my Dad worked as the Sexton of our small town’s cemetery and my little brother and I rode along many times as he performed his duties. Have you ever contemplated how they dig graves in wintry climates?  Well, wonder no more.  Coincidentally my parents also had an antique store and had bought an old hearse that my Mom drove to haul their treasures around, so in retrospect it’s amazing that I had any friends whatsoever. I’m telling you, there’s no such thing as a normal childhood.


2 thoughts on “Fun Foto Friday!

  1. Jinka says:

    My parents had a Hearse too they converted it to a camper and we drove all over the United States in it


    1. Jen says:

      Oh I love it! Why does this not surprise me?!?


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