I chose NOT to photoshop in some vomit. You’re welcome.


However you rang in 2018, I hope it was just amazing. Me? I was in bed by 10pm because I couldn’t watch Jenny’s McCarthy’s shiny plastic face those folks freezing in Times Square any longer. I was done before I heard a host interview a young couple that confessed to wearing diapers since they had been there since 8am yesterday.  NO THANK YA, FELLAS.  In typical me fashion I had anticipated a big cheery New Year, New YOU post for the FIRST post of 2018 but ALSO in typical me fashion time got away from me over the holidays and like everyone else I’m sitting here confused amongst the confetti wondering what just happened?!?  You guys, I bought a BLOG PLANNER and everything and I wanted to be THAT blogger that was on her shit at the first of the year but it looks like you’re stuck with this blogger instead. Have I mentioned that I’m an alcoholic?  

Well, we DO have changes planned for the new year. Soon I will be moving this site to a new and IMPROVED address and we’ll also have a sleek new look that’s easier to navigate and takes the guesswork out of commenting. The comment section on this blog is a continuing test of my sobriety and that is *almost* not a joke. I hope to add some more features to the site as well as possibly open up a mail bag down the road. As I’ve mentioned, this is a work in progress. Suggestions?  FEEL FREE TO COMMENT IF YOU CAN FIGURE THAT SHIT OUT AND IT HAPPENS TO BE WORKING AT THAT EXACT MOMENT. Well, if all else fails you can reach me via the “contact me” page on this site OR @thepartyisoverblog on Facebook and sign up to like the page and comment and keep up thusly.

I anticipate big and hopeful things in 2018. Adventures, learning, laughter, and challenges. I know we drunks dig the mantra one day at a time, but really, isn’t that ultimately all we have? Join me in my day to day, won’t you? I’d love the company.




3 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. Nerve Jorge says:

    Happy New Year my dear! Love the blog…is it odd that I can hear YOUR voice as I read it? Proper Jen inflections and all! Keep em coming! Love ya dear…Nerve!


  2. Anonymous says:

    You got me with that Jenny McCarthy plastic face😜


  3. Catherine says:

    I’m here with you. Loving it, keep ‘em coming.


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