Fun Foto Friday!

December 1, 2017

Christmas 2005 – typical holiday attire

Everybody say HO! It’s officially December so I figure nothing says “traditional Christmas” more than my BFF wearing my Sheryl Crow coat while donning antlers and shades.We spent countless Christmases together and I cherish most of those memories. What memories I have, anyway. We weren’t ones to shy away from the eggnog, after all. When Ben and I were hanging out there wasn’t a competition to be the voice of reason so a lot of times we were just stray dogs barking at the fence together, as he often would say. I think of him every. single. day. Sleep in heavenly peace, my friend.



Ben and I liked to consider ourselves the original Will and Grace.   Our sarcastic personalities and codependent intertwined friendship is where the similarities stop, however.   Our Los Angeles residences were never very swanky although I can attest that Ben’s digs were always way more vogue than mine.  He actually had furniture, for starters. …

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Ben died this morning. Ben was a fabulously hilarious person.  You’d have liked him.  Well, then again, maybe not.  Truth is, he was wildly opinionated and stubborn.  He could have me gnashing my teeth in frustration one minute and laughing until I shit peed my pants the next.  He was also my best friend, confidante and partner-in-crime for …

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