Fun Foto Friday!

November 3, 2017

OMG I’M SO SORRY.  I know Halloween is over but ever since I saw this photo of The Shining twins I cannot wait until next year and now I really need to start stalking looking for my new husband that will do this with me.

Yesterday I traveled to a rural town in Kentucky to attend a celebration of life ceremony.  Despite the somber purpose for the trip, I was thrilled about spending the night in a hotel solo.  Having a busy life and a husband and kids and whatnot, this is a rare occasion and I intended to take …

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Over the years I’ve received a lot of tips when it comes to writing.  Advice, guidelines and multiple do’s and don’ts.  As a burgeoning young writer I would read and write voraciously and desperately wanted to write a novel of my own.  As I got older I kept journals and wrote short stories.  When blogging …

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